4 Types of Business that are Automation-Ready 3

4 Types of Business that are Automation-Ready

I hope you enjoyed VIDEO ONE I posted a few days ago from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins on the 2 most important and dominant forces in your business.

If you missed it, no worries… You can watch it right next to this one.

But let’s NOW talk about Video TWO

4 Types of Business that are Automation-Ready 7


In this Video Mike and Andy are going to show you that creating high converting automated events are as easy as “1-2-3“:

“The 4 Types of Business that are Automation-Ready – these types of businesses are practically Plug-And-Play for the kind of automation you need to makes sales on complete autopilot.”


You're also going to learn the 5-Must Have Ingredients to create a Successful, High-Converting Event each and every time you do one….


And, they’re going to give you 6 Customer-Getting Automation Strategies, to help you find more leads, convert more customers and keep them as raving fans.


Here is what else you will learn in this video:

    • The easiest way to Automate Building your List


  • What you MUST do to create a KILLER Virtual Event


    • The kinds of virtual Event-Based Strategies that get automate buyers everyday


  • What about traffic?  How can I get people to see my events? Answers to these traffic questions and more in the video.


    • Case Studies of people just like you doing this NOW
    • Why Virtual Events are the best Freemiums
    • Why using Trip Wires and Funnels may be needlessly complicating the process
    • How to deliver the perfect structure of your presentation by following this specific template
    • How using The Big Promise Technique  to create a buyer at the start of your presentation.


  • Why “not being perfect” will actually increase conversions


    • What a Mafia Offer is and why you need to make one every time


  • Why Virtual Event or Webinar Style Landing Pages out-convert any other landing page. Period.


  • How to Turbocharge Product Launches with Events



  • Plus you will learn how to finally make Social Media make you money without looking like a jerk


    • And also the Best way to make Big Name JV partners listen to your every word




So make sure to check out this second video now to double your profits and find the formula for the perfect business model.



the ChiroSecrets Team


PS – Make sure to watch now and don’t bookmark, because it will only be up for a few days

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