Attract, Sell, and Wow your chiropractic customers with Infusionsoft

Attract, Sell and WOW your customers with Infusionsoft

There are a number of systems we can use in our businesses to radically improve our chances of success and longevity.

Several of these systems have made recent improvements that are exceptional.   Infusionsoft is one of those systems and is the subject of today's article.

EDIT 2023:  We are now suggesting *most* folks will get more out of this instead

It is an extremely powerful system that:

  • can work great for small businesses
  • can scale to large, established business
  • you don't need to be a programmer (plenty of drag & drop builders/functionality)
  • if you are a programmer, can support a roster of advanced features
  • has widespread acceptance in the marketplace (over 30,000 businesses are using it as of this writing)
  • has a thorough and easy onboarding process to help you get started
  • has exceptional help documentation, videos, etc. online
  • supports the majority of business needs, including CRM (customer relationship management), email marketing, lead scoring, eCommerce shopping carts and sales… all from an online cloud-based application (you only need a computer and internet access).

Recent developments to the way you create emails, email campaigns, landing pages, and carts have particularly impressed us.

Is it the “only game in town?”   No.  And if you're a skilled programmer (or headed that way), there are one or two other tools we will cover in upcoming articles that may serve you.

But if you're wanting the power of a huge, established system with more “bells and whistles” than most offerings, all in an easy to use, well-supported package… in our experience, Infusionsoft is at the top of a very short list.

They frequently offer great articles and insights you can apply to improving your business, and we find you can apply them regardless of whether you use Infusionsoft (though it's easier if you do).

This series is one such bit of valuable info.

3 easy steps:  attract, sell, and wow!

Watch the video, and then get a free demo to see how you can apply it to your business!

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