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Chiropractic Marketing Guide – How to Generate More Clients Using Video Marketing

Chiropractors need video marketing and marketing in general to attract new patients and retain existing ones. Video marketing gives a more personal touch to your medical practice and also gives the potential patient more confidence in you. It also gives you a greater chance of increasing your practice income.

Video Marketing Uses

Videos can become viral and they can become very popular with your patient base. This will also boost your search engine ranking and boost your income as well. Video marketing through the internet is very popular now especially with the emergence of social media platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and Digg.

Video marketing is extremely helpful in marketing your practice and can bring a greater opportunity to medical practices of any type. If done by a professional medical marketing company it can achieve incredible results for you. They will go viral and your patient base will send them links to your videos, which will gain more patients and send them to your site or website.

You can use free tools like this one to host and display your videos and more.

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Here are some tips that a good medical marketing company will show you:

First, they will advise you to set your target audience as specifically as possible. This will increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome with your target audience. What does that mean, exactly? We have observed over the years that people generally are stuck in an outdated broadcasting concept. They want to yell their message as widely and loudly as possible, regardless of who might hear it. An example of this would be taking out a television commercial on a network that has 40 million fish as its primary audience, and then selling them shoes! Extreme example of course, but you get the point. If you reach 40 million people, none of whom, or very few of whom are interested in your product… you've wasted your money (and everybody's time.)

Instead… if you advertised your shoes from the paragraph above on a podcast or youtube channel or facebook group dedicated to running, hiking, or even better, some perfect match of the type of shoes you sell with the users who need those exact shoes, you would likely have greater success. We call this market to message match.

Second, they will advise you to not to over-market your video. You know those times you're watching TV and there's this annoying commercial that plays every 20 minutes? You know the one… by the fifth (fourth? second?) view… you're sick of it. There is an art to exposing (and not over-exposing) your intended audience to your message.

Third, it is an excellent practice to say what your audience would want to know and learn about you. This goes back to the first advice. The more closely you address the actual needs of your audience the more you have their attention. Bonus points if you have a purpose for your company that matches the desires and outcomes of what your audience wants to see happen in the world.

Fourth, a qualified agency will recommend that you add as little unnecessary information as possible. I could give you a verbose paragraph here explaining this in great detail, but that would be deeply ironic. You already get the point, right?

Instead, they would advise you to focus on your practice and what you have to offer the patient.

Further, they will advise you to avoid saying anything negative about any other practice, insurance company, hospital, yourself or your medical degree. When you speak negatively about something or someone else, it worries people what you say about them behind their back. It might even be true, but stick with the positives!

Fifth advise is to (tastefully) brand your video. Use proper keywords and include your website, phone number, e-mail address, social, contact info… basically everything that makes it easy for your future patients to contact you and engage with you.

This video marketing guide will be your guide to success especially when you start your practice online.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate. If you purchase anything, I will likely earn commission.

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