Nothing converts better than Live Webinars… Until Now - Welcome EverWebinar 3

Nothing converts better than Live Webinars… Until Now – Welcome EverWebinar

UPDATE:  Mike & Andy are doing a Free Training Webcast on Wednesday on how to Automate your business…

More on that in a minute…

First, I want to remind you that you have only 4 MORE DAYS to jump at the opportunity for the new EverWebinar software with a LIFE-TIME Access Option that has taken the industry by storm.

It seems everyone is getting their hands on the new software app. If you have not seen it yet, or if you have not looked into it seriously… check it now.

I recommend getting it even before you attend the:

Free Training Event on Wednesday


I hope you enjoyed Free Video Training Last Week I sent you from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins on how to automate your Leads, Sales, Profits, and “Customer-Getting”


And now they have a NEW software that allows you to COMPLETELY AUTOMATE it all with an new State-of-the-Art Software called EverWebinar


They say NOTHING converts a visitor to a website, to a HIGHER dollar amount in your shoppingcart better than Live Webinars…


That WAS true…




So NOW the question is…


IS IT LIVE? Or is it EverWebinar?


You’ll see In this Video Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins continue to teach you even more with the focus and context of  AUTOMATING YOUR BUSINESS with SOFTWARE

Nothing converts better than Live Webinars… Until Now - Welcome EverWebinar 5

Automated Webinars have been around for a few years. But NONE of them simulate like a live Webinar… or better yet look 100% like a Live WebinarJam Webinar.


In fact, from the Registration page, to the thank you page, to the pre-room lobby, to the live room, to the replay rooms… and even the emails reminders… it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell the difference between a SIMULATED Webinar Event from EverWebinar or a Live Webinar.


Even the owners and our team of Developers can not tell the difference.


So EverWebinar is not your Grandfather's “Automated Webinar” software.
It is a COMPLETE “Paradigm Shift” in business automation. This make all other solutions obsolete today. The results our users are seeing are 30% to 50% better revenue that any other solution on the planet.


And with 5600 beta customers over the last 6 months, EverWebinar is solid, Bug-Free, and ready for anything you can throw at the system.


So here are the FACTS


Fact #1

This offer is a special Lifetime Account Access and Discount to the ALL NEW software only for our Grand Opening.


Fact #2

The General Public will later pay more at $497 each year for EverWebinar.


You get it at an Insane discount for a very limited time… Don't miss out…


Fact #3

EverWebinar is the Best Automated Webinar Software On the Planet, Period.


Fact #4

We guarantee that no one, (Not even us) will be able to tell your Webinar is pre recorded, simulated, and not live.


Really! Want to see proof?


Then check out the Demo video lower on the page.

Nothing converts better than Live Webinars… Until Now - Welcome EverWebinar 7


Fact #5

Everyone will think your Automated Webinar is live because we designed it to look like what people are already seeing, Live WebinarJam webinars.


Fact #6

Over 5600+ beta testers are making a KILLING already and gave us these reviews.

Look At What Our Beta Testers Had To Say:


Fact #7

Now you can actually make money, and more of it while you sleep or go on vacation or just focus on getting more leads to your new ATM machine.


Fact #8

Free Bonus – For just the next day, we are throwing in our 3 best Webinar Training Products for beginners, Webinar Veterans, and Even the most expert Webinar Ninjas.


We GUARANTEE to double your sales on your current Webinar with this training. And if you have never done a webinar, you will have the template to do a NO FAIL, successful webinar.


Fact #9

You have a 30 day refund policy. But our refund rate is less than 4% because when you get LIFETIME access with no annual recurring fees, you you know this investment will pay off in spades in just your first day of going live.


Fact #10

WebinarJam Studio NOW Included FREE!
You can Import Live Webinars if you own WebinarJam Studio, or you can build one from scratch in about 10 Minutes (Not 4 days.) – WebinarJam Studio is Including for 90 days FREE


Urgency Fact

You have a VERY LIMITED TIME before this offer expires.


Want to know more of what EverWebinar Can do?


Look at All These Advanced Features


  • Fully automate your marketing funnels. Easily create automated marketing webinar campaigns with the click of a button. Plus owners of WebinarJam (Sold Separately) can easily import from a past live webinar with 1 click. Or you can build a custom webinar in minutes.
  • High Converting landing page templates. Over 2 dozen high converting landing pages with the latest modern design. No website needed!
  • Is it LIVE or is it EverWebinar? Our simulated events look just like LIVE WebinarJam webinars from landing page to Live Room. It is impossible for anyone, even the creators of EverWebinar to tell if it is a live webinar.
  • Nothing Converts like Live Webinars… Until Now. With our perfect simulation, finally your conversions will be as high as your live webinars. Guaranteed.
  • Use your own landing pages with our easy to add Register buttons you can Copy/Paste onto your own website.


    • Import your live Webinars from WebinarJam Studio (Sold Separately.) Customers of WebinarJam can import all the data from their live Webinars like Video, Polls, Chat, Surveys, and timed Add-to-Cart buttons or you can just build it all out yourself in minutes with our step-by-step campaign builder.
    • Deep Integration with Infusionsoft. Add a TAG for virtually any sequence behavior your attendee takes or does not take.
    • Integrates will all the major Autoresponders. Build your list with all the traffic you get to your landing pages.
    • Email & SMS Reminders – Send before & after the promotion emails. You can schedule as many emails as you want to have your registrants see the replay, You can even segment emails by those who did not show or did show but left early. SMS Text and Phone call reminders are easy to set up too.
    • Real Time Chat Monitoring and Simulation – Even though your webinar is automated you can still monitor and reply to the chat answering questions and providing live value. Plus you can even have a staff use the chat to communicate in real-time with your attendees.
    • Seed your CHAT feature. Insert chat lines from you or Admin at any time you want to seed Q&A or anything you like.
    • Room Count Simulation – Set the number in the room you'd like to appear live to real time viewers.


Enjoy this One-Time Price for LIFETIME ACCESS and never have to pay Monthly or Annual payments ever.


P.S. — Remember, this exclusive offer for you Expires Soon. So make sure you don’t miss out and pay more later.

P.P.S. — Make sure to check out the 100+ CERTIFIED reviews of our beta testers.

P.P.P.S. — Don’t forget to scroll down the page and see the Video Demo.

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