Vitamix A3500 review of the all-in-one top-of-the-line kitchen system

Vitamix A3500 Review : 1 Gourmet SmartPrep Kitchen System for the Win

The Vitamix A3500 review explores this gourmet SmartPrep kitchen system, a top-of-the-line blender and food processor combo, as a versatile and powerful addition to any kitchen. Use the Food Processor Attachment to speed through tedious food prep tasks, while the standard blending container makes everything else. Sounds good. Let's see how it performs…

Key Features and Performance

  • Multiple Speeds and Attachments: Offers ten speeds for complete control over texture, with a food processor attachment for chopping, dicing, and slicing.
  • Powerful Motor: 2500 watts power capable of handling tough ingredients. Stainless steel blades ensure durability and consistency.
  • Convenient and User-Friendly Design: Features five program settings and a self-cleaning function for ease of use.
  • Durable and Safe Materials: Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan, ensuring safety and longevity. Dishwasher safe components.

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Versatility and Customization

  • Broad Range of Kitchen Tasks: Capable of blending, chopping, grinding, and emulsifying. Comes with a multi-use blade and a full set of blades for various preparations.
  • Customizable Blending System: Compatible with a variety of self-detect containers, allowing for customization based on needs. Our Vitamix A3500 review team loved this level of versatility.
  • Fine-Tune Your Recipes: Variable speed control and a pulse feature offer precision in achieving desired texture and consistency.

Design and Customer Feedback

  • Compact and Stylish: Features a compact, modern design that fits easily on countertops and under cabinets.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: Praised for its powerful performance, high-quality construction, and versatility. The ease of use and self-cleaning function are notable.

User Experiences and Concerns

  • Positive Feedback: Effective for hot soups, smoothies, and other dishes. Notable for its capacity and efficiency in blending and processing.
  • Ease of Use: Faster and uniform slicing capability, ease of cleaning, and overall improvement in kitchen tasks.
  • Some Criticisms: Some users find the system too large or heavy, and the operation loud. The food processor's complexity was a concern for some. Our Vitamix A3500 review found the size and noise level commensurate with the power and effectiveness of the product.
  • Suggested Improvements: While the blender is highly praised, some suggested improvements for the food processor attachment, such as variable speed control and intuitive storage for disc blades.

Overall, the Vitamix A3500 Gourmet SmartPrep Kitchen System is a highly capable and versatile appliance, suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks. Its powerful performance, ease of use, and convenience make it a valuable addition to any kitchen, though potential buyers should consider their space and specific needs, particularly in terms of size and noise level.

Vitamix A3500 Review Conclusions

The PROS outweigh the CONS on this one. We've have various versions of Vitamix throughout the years (decades!) and highly recommend them!

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