Chiropractors can automate 25 things for more efficient, effective and profitable practices

25 Things Chiropractors can Automate Right Now

You're time is valuable, and anything you can make more efficient – automate – is a good thing.

Hot on the heels of our last article, the folks at Infusionsoft again bring us another gem.

26 pages of content made available in a free download containing some useful info, including:

  • How 80% of top performing companies are getting more leads and customers in less time—and how you can steal their secrets
  • Waiting even 30 minutes to make contact decreases your odds of qualifying a lead by 21 times, as compared to calling within five minutes (and how to fix that)
  • Think of automation software as the project manager for your sales team
  • Welcome emails have an open rate of nearly 58 percent—compared with less than 15 percent for other promotional emails
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent—compared with 5 to 20 percent for a new prospect
  • “The more, the merrier” doesn’t apply to email lists
  • Use automation to beef up your social media followers.
  • Trigger automatic reminders to call customers about expiring credit cards

… and most of that is in the first 50% of the download.    Plenty of tips that could make real, actionable difference in your bottom line!

Here's the link to the free download








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