Chiro Success Secrets - How to Ask for Referrals that help your business

How to Ask for Referrals that Help Grow Your Business

Do you know anybody that would turn down free money?

That's the premise of this month's article over at Infusionsoft, and it's a good read.

Key points that piqued our interest:

  • In a Nielsen survey, eighty-four percent of people in 58 different countries said they trust recommendations from people they know.  (We wonder why they bother knowing the other 16 percent!  🙂
  • And more interestingly: We even trust people we don’t know! 68 percent of respondents reported confidence in online reviews.

So how are you applying that to YOUR business?

They put together a nice little 19 page resource about it, you can grab for free regardless of whether you use Infusionsoft.

Here's the link to their How to Ask for Referrals resource.

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