How to Get Expert Copywriting for Your Ads and Emails (without paying an expert) 3

How to Get Expert Copywriting for Your Ads and Emails (without paying an expert)

A great headline, as compared to a “good” headline, can make or break a practice.

A great email subject line, as opposed to a “good” email subject line, can make the difference whether someone opens, or doesn't open, your emails to them.

The difference? Copywriting.

If you're anything like the rest of us, you're probably thinking… “great… I don't have TIME to deal with copywriting.

Am I right?

You're too busy doing the rest of your work, that the only options seem to be:

  • Skip it and don't worry about it
  • Hire an expensive “expert” to write your ads, your headlines, your email subject lines…. heck… the emails, too! (and the print ads, and the…)

How do I get expert copywriting (without the expensive expert?)

Glad you asked.

Turns out… there's a third option.

These guys have a FANTASTIC book (along with some other unbelievable tools) to quickly help you.

And it's a FREE book. (Yes, there's shipping, because it's a REAL book. REAL quality filled with actual, VALUABLE information. And they ship it to you, anywhere in the world. You cover postage and handling. Cheaper than many eBooks on amazon. And seriously… what it can save you if you apply the info MORE than pays for itself.)

How Can It Help Me?

It hands you proven blueprints and formulas on a silver platter you can use immediately to get better results with all your:

  • Sales letters
  • Emails teasers and follow up funnels
  • Facebook ads
  • Video sales letters (VSLs)
  • Webinars
  • LIVE videos
  • … even your Tweets! (you are leveraging social media effectively for your practice, right?!?!?)

No matter what you sell, this book is your personal goldmine of proven copywriting advice, examples, formulas, and blueprints you can use immediately to get results (again… no matter what you sell, whether that's for your practice, or your nutritional business, or your coaching business, or your… get it?)

It's Plug-n-Play

Seriously, these techniques and tools embrace such a wonderful approach that ANYBODY can do it (you, your staff, etc.). It's almost as fun as playing those old “mad libs” games from childhood. Even more fun if it starts translating into more patients and more business!

It Saves You Time

Consider the plug-n-play nature of it. You're guided through knowing exactly what your core offer is, what your audience wants, and then how to bridge that gap in a way that your audience is excited to read or hear. What YOU are doing is filling in the blanks. You can go much deeper of course, but hey, save that for when you have time, right? In the meantime, you can get up to speed quickly. Even more quickly if you use they same tools the authors use. That will REALLY save you time. (Still fun, too.)

So What Is Our Summary?

A great copywriter is expensive. Are they worth it? You bet. But when we need something quick, easy, fast, and in 20 minutes from now? And still excellent? Yes… this book and it's accompanying tools (check out the upsells!) can get you there in spades. Quick. Easy. Affordable. Nice. We think that's a slam dunk. So what are you waiting for? Let's get this off your plate so you can spend your energy creating wellness!!!

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