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Tony Robbins Jay Abraham Money Mindset More 1 Awesome Tip

Tony Robbins is a household name these days when it comes to motivation, mindset, and personal and business improvement. He needs no introduction.

Jay Abraham, for those who might be a little younger, is better known for his expertise in direct response marketing, and has been named one of the top 5 executive coaches in the United States (reference) as well as an outstanding growth coach.

So why are we mentioning these gentlemen today?

The key is getting you where you want to go, as efficiently as possible, with as much impact as possible.

Today's 1 awesome tip is designed to do just that. Whether your goal is more patients for your practice, helping, keeping/retaining customers, helping others altruistically, or building your business(es), studying, modelling, and learning from the “greats” is a proven technique for achieving your goals.

And here is a great way to do it!

Tony Robbins Private Collection (and more!)

While having access to some of Tony Robbins Private Collection videos is an invaluable resource, we were just made aware of a way to get access to those videos, PLUS videos from Jay Abraham, PLUS money mindset videos, PLUS videos for getting more traffic, leads, high-ticket selling and marketing secrets, YouTube tips and techniques, sales funnel techniques and many other videos coming soon. It's like Net flix for entrepreneurs, and doctors, you are very much entrepreneurs whether you've realized it or not!

In addition, the craziest part (and the little-known deal in all this) is that this premium video service is actually just included or bundled-in with a suite of tools that can benefit ANY business online!

So What Do You Do?

Go here, check out a case study or read up on the MANY ways this can help you, and grab the Platinum plan. (You'll get the video service INCLUDED!)

Sign up, and either you or another member of your business / chiropractic practice can learn the most cutting-edge entrepreneurial methods, secrets, tips and techniques to apply to YOUR business.

What Else Do I Get?

In following the netflix model (“netflix for entrepreneurs,” basically), they've announced that this will be an on-going, ever-growing resource of value.

Known current and upcoming offerings include:

  • YouTube Traffic Secrets: so you can grow your business using the power of YouTube
  • Brick and Mortar: marketing and sales training specifically designed for small businesses (including Chiropractic…but applicable to any type of small business!)
  • Money Mindset: so you can think strategically about money and get the flow happening!
  • Product Secrets: have an idea for a product? Learn what to do next!
  • High Ticket Secrets: how to master selling high-ticket products
  • Offer Mind: how to position your offers
  • Course Secrets: how to create, package, and sell online courses
  • Outsource Force: sometimes outsourcing can make the most sense. Learn when, and how to do it successfully.
  • Ecommerce: for those of you selling via Amazon or other online techniques… this one is for you!

What If I Don't Have Time To Do All This?

Here's what we suggest: you've got your business, and you are the EXPERT of your business. And you have staff, and they are busy, but they ALSO enjoy being empowered, trusted, and engaged with being a part of this business. Empower them. Sign up for your office, get them access, and get make them each niche experts in different areas. This also boosts their value to themselves and to you. It's a win-win!

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